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Fresh Cranapple Sauce
( ) - letters in parentheses are footnotes
Approx 5 pounds of fresh sliced baking apples - peeling optional
1 pint of unsweetened, cooked cranberries (a)
spice to taste (I used cardamom... allspice would also be good with this

Dump in corningware 2.5 liter casserole with lid (b)  Microwave until all
fruit is tender.   Stir well to mix the fruits... sweeten to taste with
WalMart's Equate aspartame ( c) Serve still warm or chilled.

the footnotes:

(a)cranberries in the freezer... WalMart "dumped" them in January @ 50 cents
a 12 oz bag... I bought 30 bags, cooked them into an unsweetened sauce,  and
made a freezer stock of "thaw and use" pint containers for all year.   You
could use a can of commercial "wholeberry" sauce and get same results.   BE
SURE TO USE A COOKING APPLE WITH GOOD FLAVOR... many choices on market today.  Note that my ratio of cranberries to apples was about 1:5.  You can also scale the recipe up or down to any amount you have on hand.

(b) Corningware casseroles -- Mine are French WalMart for about
10 years now, and their classic-lines design blends with everything ever
made in tablewares.    I have multiple copies of specific cookwares / dishes I like
for function and simple design.   Having all of them the same means every
lid fits every bottom half, plus they stack well in storage areas.    I do
not save ANY smaller jars that don't take a standard mason lid... think
about the advantages of that one!!    And I have ONE KIND ONLY of freezer
storage containers... think about the advantage of that one!!   And they are
square, so the maximum amount of food can be stashed in the minimum amount
of space.   Round containers are not efficient freezer storage.

Having several copies of my corningware casseroles also helps me make
freezer entrees which I can stash for days when I want to get out of
cooking.   Example:  toomanyeggplants in garden right now, so I make
Eggplant Parmigiana 4 at a time.  Line 3 of the casseroles with 2 layers
Saran.  Build the casseroles in all 4... cook one for supper and put 3 with
Saran in freezer until frozen.   Unmold the frozen ones, wrap totally in
Saran, then in foil, and return to freezer.   When I need to do something
besides cook, out one comes... remove all Saran, drop back into the
casserole that it fits perfectly into cuz it was frozen in that shape
originally,  and bake for supper.

(c)Equate sweetener is 1 cent per package instead of 3 cents each for Equal
brand -- the price necessary because the company paid Cher to do TV ads for
it.   I have a topless canister of it on the kitchen counter, and I keep it
heaped full so I can pick off one or a bunch of packets as needed.   Dining
table has a decorative brass box, which has Equate packets and "borrowed"
single-pak sugar from fast food places for guests who "must" have real sugar
with their coffee.

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